JMU Events

In celebration of James Madison University and its students, we at the Local Chop and Grill House will be offering unique seasonal menus for these special events. Reservations made in advance are highly recommended.

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JMU December 2019 graduation

We are currently accepting reservations for December 13th and 14th, and will be serving a $59 three course menu in the dining room (a la carte in the bar). Call us today at (540) 801-0505 to secure a spot.

JMU Family weekend 2019

Thank you for joining us for JMU Family weekend! See you next year (or sooner)!


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JMU May 2019 graduation

Thank you for joining us for JMU May Graduation, and congratulations to all the graduates! Stay tuned for details on May 2020’s Graduation dinner.


Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

All reservations will require a credit card and email on file in order to be valid.

Cancellations must be made one week prior to reservation date to avoid a fee of $25 per guest.

Changes to the number of guests in a party must be made one week prior to reservation date in order to be considered. We cannot guarantee our ability to change dates, times or number of guests.

For information about your graduate's ceremony, please ask your student or visit the JMU Commencement web page. We do not have this information.