LOCAL Chop & Grill House


Sweet Potato Fritters*

cotija cheese/cilantro greek yogurt/arugula 9

Fried Deviled Eggs*

pastured eggs/whole grain mustard/turner ham 10

Asparagus Tart

roasted asparagus/Chevre/parmesan/gruyere/local greens 8

 Pork Belly*

 BBQ/spiced pork rinds/pickles/grits* 10


Mesclun Salad

mesclun greens/chevre*/pickled apples*/spiced walnuts/bourbon bacon dressing 8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7

Caesar Salad

romaine/croutons/parmesan/caesar dressing 8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7

Beet & Strawberry Salad

roasted beets*/strawberries/almond/feta*/orange/pickled onion/preserved lemon vinaigrette8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7

Seasonal Soup

chef’s selection 8


served with duck fat fried yukon gold fries, house-made peach ketchup and a pickle

(fries can be cooked in vegetable oil by request)

Duck Confit Panini

marble rye/2 day duck confit/raspberry compote/gruyere/arugula12

Chop House Burger*

house-ground steak/smoked bacon/crispy onions/peach ketchup/aged cheddar/potato bun10 

3oz slider4  

Tofu Club*

brined and seasoned tofu*/vegan avocado “mayo”/coconut “bacon”/ texas toast 8

Lamb Burger*

seasons bounty lamb*/cucumber laban/feta*/lettuce/tomato/onion/ 13

3oz slider 5


all of our entrées are Chef selected and hand cut in house, all entrees served with choice of two sides, choice of house rub, salt & pepper, gremolata, or bleu cheese rub

6oz Petite Filet           29 

12oz Ribeye               32

8oz Sirloin                 23 

12oz Pork Chop*        25

Chicken Breast           21

8oz Salmon Filet          25

8oz Trout Filets*         23

Cauliflower “Steak”*    16



Whiskey Cider Jus- local cider/whiskey/shallots/thyme 

Cognac Peppercorn Cream - shallots/cognac/peppercorns simmered in cream

Mango BBQ - mangos/garlic/cilantro/hoisin/rice wine vinegar/mirin


Duck Demi- duck stock/sherry/tomatoes 

Mushroom Bordelaise* - am fog mushrooms/shallots/butter/red wine


Gochujang Hot sauce - fire roasted chilies/tomatoes/ garlic/shallots

Horseradish Crème Fraiche - house-made crème fraiche/fresh horseradish/garlic/lemon zest

A la Carte and Sides

duck fat french fries with house-made peach ketchup small 4 orlarge 6 

smashed potatoes with brown butter and crème fraiche 4 

chef’s choice sauté 5

braised greens with ham* 5

roasted asparagus 5 

mushroom risotto* 6 

mac n cheese* 5