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Chef’s Artisanal Plate

assortment of local cheese* and salt cured meats/

grilled baguette/ various pickles*/

 mustard/seasonal compote 13 


roasted peppers/cilantro/scallion/gochujang aioli/lime 9 

Sweet Potato Fritters*

cotija cheese/cilantro greek yogurt/micro greens* 9 

Jamaican Chicken Wings

crispy wings with chop house money sauce

1/2 dozen 8 or dozen 14 

Salads and Soups 

Chop House Salad

romaine and red leaf greens/cherry tomatoes/cucumbers*/smoked bacon/ hard boiled duck egg*
crumbled danish bleu cheese/creamy buttermilk-peppercorn ranch  8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7 

Caesar Salad

romaine*/croutons/parmesan/classic caesar dressing 8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7 

Roasted Beet Salad

red and gold beets*/charred winter squash*/radish*/chevre*
toasted walnuts/baby greens*/
orange and ginger buttermilk dressing 8

add grilled steak +7

add grilled salmon +7 

Seasonal Soup

chef’s selection 8 

Chop House Chili

ground steak/roasted poblanos/guajilio chilies/cumin crema 8 


Steak Frites

8oz Sirloin/horseradish crème fraiche/ steak fat fries 20 

Salmon Frites

8oz Salmon Filet/mango hoisin bbq/ Steak fat fries  21 

Burgers, Sandwiches & Sliders

served with steak fat fried yukon gold fries and black garlic aioli
(fries can be cooked in vegetable oil by request)

Bison Burger

smoked gouda/smoked bacon/mango hoisin bbq/brioche bun  13

3oz slider  5

Chop House Burger*

house-ground steak/smoked bacon/crispy onions/peach ketchup/aged cheddar/brioche bun  10 

3oz slider  4

Tofu Bahn Mi*

ginger soy marinated tofu*/pickled carrots and daikon/cucumber/ cilantro/duke’s mayo*/sriracha grilled roll 8

Local Grilled Cheese*

house-made bacon*/tomato/yellow and white cheddar/country white bread 8 

A la Carte and Sides

 chevre mac n cheese* 5

 collard greens with smoked ham* 5

 smashed redskin potatoes with brown butter  4

roasted asparagus with garlic olive oil  5

steak fat french fries 4 

* indicates locally sourced items